Element Overview

Element Capital Advisors Ltd., (ELEMENT) is an independent investment advisory firm domiciled in the British Virgin Islands and with offices in Panama City, Panama, and Caracas, Venezuela.

Our mission is to offer investment advisory services to our clients through investment products that deliver high returns with low relative volatility, uncorrelated to broad market indices. Capital preservation and portfolio liquidity is always the firm’s primary objective. ELEMENT helps clients diversify their portfolios through a rigorously researched and vetted investment portfolio. We do not employ a “one-size-fits-all” approach to potential investments. In managing the investment advisory process and in constructing our client products we are not motivated by generating commissions or placement fees but to create a stable investment product for our clients.

In order to provide independent and impartial advice ELEMENT is dedicated exclusively to investment management. Investors have the same basic requirements when selecting where and how to invest: Trust and satisfactory returns. As a result, always avoiding conflicts of interest, our recommendations are based solely on our convictions. We are dedicated to delivering security and transparency.

Our investment products are offered to institutional and high net worth investors worldwide. The firm internally manages its portfolios that consist of investments in hedge funds and select market securities where we have identified significant opportunity. After a detailed background investigation and legal, compliance and regulatory risks are assessed we selectively choose the appropriate external hedge fund managers and investments to include in our portfolio.

ELEMENT’s products are marketed to qualified high-net-worth and institutional investors outside of the United States. We are dedicated to providing the level of personal service and attention to our investors that has been noticeably absent from large international investment management companies. No matter how large a client’s initial investment with ELEMENT, we will provide all investors with the transparency and attention that we as investors would expect.